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General meetings

The General Meeting is Humana’s highest decision-making body and all shareholders are entitled to attend.

By exercising their voting rights, Humana’s shareholders can participate and decide on several important issues such as the election of directors and auditors, adoption of the financial statements, discharge from liability for the CEO and Board, and the appropriation of the Company’s profit.

In general

According to the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551), the general meeting is the company's highest decision-making body, at which shareholders exercise their voting rights. In addition to the AGM, extraordinary general meetings may be convened. The company's Annual General Meeting is held in Stockholm before the end of June each calendar year. Extraordinary General Meetings are held when necessary.

The AGM decides on a number of issues, including the adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, the appropriation of the company's profit or loss, the discharge from liability to the company of the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO, the composition of the Nomination Committee, the election of Board members (including the Chairman of the Board) and auditors, the remuneration of Board members and auditors, guidelines for the remuneration of the CEO and other senior executives, and any amendments to the Articles of Association.

Notice of General Meetings

According to Humana's Articles of Association, notice of a General Meeting must be published in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar and on Humana's website. Information that a notice to attend a general meeting has been issued shall be announced in Dagens Industri and through a press release in Swedish and English containing the notice in its entirety.

Right to attend the general meeting

Shareholders who are registered in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden six weekdays prior to the general meeting, and who have notified Humana of their intention to attend no later than the date stated in the notice of the general meeting, are entitled to attend the general meeting and to vote for the number of shares held.

Shareholders whose shares are nominee-registered with a bank or other nominee must, in addition to informing Humana, request that their shares be temporarily registered in their own name in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden in order to be entitled to participate in the general meeting. Shareholders should inform their nominees well in advance of the record date.

Shareholders may attend the general meeting in person or by proxy, and may be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants. Normally, shareholders have the possibility to register for the general meeting in several different ways, as indicated in the notice of meeting.

Shareholders' right of initiative

Shareholders who wish to have a matter considered at the AGM must make a written request to the board. The request must normally be received by the board at least seven weeks before the general meeting.