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Humana's vision and overall objective is about sustainability at the individual and societal level. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our strategy.


Policies governing our sustainability topics

In our Code of Conduct and policies, we describe our approach to and the objectives for our sustainability work.

Humana wants to make a positive contribution to society

This means sound profitability and growth, employees who enjoy their work and clients who receive high-quality care. We are working on four strategic target areas to achieve this.

Customers – quality operations: High quality is central to Humana’s strategy and operations. It is only when customers, clients and contractors believe that Humana’s care services are of a high standard that we can draw nearer to the vision of everyone being entitled to a good life.

Employees – attractive employer: Humana shall be the first choice for everyone working in the care sector by offering all employees a pleasant work environment, good leadership and exciting development opportunities.

The company – profitable growth: Our strategy for profitable growth is based on the market trends that govern developments in the care market. By continuing to strengthen our position, we can attract more customers over time, thereby helping more people to have a good life. To be a sustainable company, we grow with high quality and profitability in mind and have clear financial targets.

Society – socially responsible provider: Humana contributes meaningful value to society through our core business, but we also take responsibility beyond that. Humana wants to help support a sustainable welfare system and sound public finances.

Read more about the strategy in our latest annual and sustainability report Pdf, 8.5 MB.

We present the various aspects of our sustainability work in more detail at humana.se (in Swedish). External link.

Contact our Sustainability Manager

Contact our Sustainability Mangager with your questions.

Maria Jansson

Head of Sustainability