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Diversity, equity and inclusion policy

1. Background and purpose

Humana is one of the largest care companies in the Nordics and our vision is "Everyone is entitled to a good life”. We are a company for people by people. Our endeavor is to create an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are a natural part of the organisation and where our differences create business benefits. We want Humana to be a responsible social actor, and therein lies the fact that we work actively and responsibly in matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

With Humana's core values ​​as a basis, our Group’s overarching goals are quality care, be an attractive employer, create profitable growth and take social responsibility. To be able to fulfill these goals, the work with diversity, equity and inclusion is central and therefore one of Humana's material sustainability topics.

The purpose of this policy is to describe the principles for and governance of the work to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at Humana.

2. Scope

The policy covers all parts of and all employees in the Humana Group.

Our suppliers are expected to meet requirements in accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes zero tolerance for discrimination and demonstrating proactive work towards greater equality and diversity.

3. Definitions

Diversity encompasses all the ways in which people are different, including the various characteristics that distinguish a group of people or that distinguish one individual from another. Diversity is often about including groups that are not widely represented in society, in our industry and/or in our company.

Equity aims to identify and remove obstacles that prevent certain groups from participating fully in the workplace. It is about ensuring equal treatment and equal rights in terms of employment and other working conditions, access to career and development opportunities and equal pay.

Inclusion builds a culture where everyone feels welcome. It actively invites every person and group to contribute and participate. An inclusive, welcoming environment supports and embraces differences and participants show respect for everyone in word and deed.

4. Main principles

Humana considers laws, regulations and other requirements as a minimum level in the work with diversity, equity and inclusion. We shall also work systematically to analyze and act on the demands and expectations that customers and clients, clients’ relatives, employees, owners, investors, etc. place on us.

Our work with diversity, equity and inclusion is based on the following main principles:

Our values shall permeate everything we do. We shall make sure to create a good working environment from a physical, psychological and social point of view. Values work shall characterize all daily operations, in all instances and at all levels, but can also be strengthened by targeted one-off measures, projects and training efforts.

We believe that all people have equal value. Every person shall have equal opportunities and rights at Humana, regardless of, among other things, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, skin colour, religion or other belief, political opinion, social or cultural background, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and age. We believe that differences bring new perspectives and that innovative thinking is a strength for us. We have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination, harassment and offensive differential treatment.

We work for inclusion in all contexts and in contact with everyone we meet. At our workplaces, all employees’ different experiences and perspectives are taken into account to contribute to a good working climate and successful results. Everyone should be welcome, respected and appreciated with us, including employees, customers and partners.

5. Strategies and goals for creating diversity, equity and inclusion

To create an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion become a natural part of the organisation and something that permeates the daily work, we start from four strategies with associated goals:

5.1 Preventive work

  • Humana's managers shall work preventively by investigating risks and taking measures to minimize the occurrence of discrimination, victimisation and harassment.
  • Humana's managers shall be responsible for promptly investigating, analyzing, addressing and following up on suspicions of discrimination, victimisation and other forms of exclusion within their operations.
  • Inclusion shall pervade Humana's entire recruitment process and we shall follow Humana's principles for recruitment, which are set out in our recruitment routines.
  • We will ask questions and measure responses related to inclusion in our annual employee survey.

5.2 Education

  • All newly hired employees at Humana shall be introduced to this policy. The policy shall be living through staff meetings, safety rounds, core values ​​exercises and internal information.
  • All employees within Humana shall be offered basic competence in diversity, equity and inclusion.

5.3 Conscious behaviour

  • All employees within Humana are responsible for behaving in such a way that everyone – customers, clients, colleagues and others in our business – is treated with equal respect and dignity and feels welcome at Humana.
  • Humana's managers shall work actively for open and mutual communication in the staff groups.

5.4 Active decisions that promote diversity, equity and inclusion

  • All employees shall be given the same opportunity for training and skills development.
  • All employees shall receive equal pay and conditions for equal performance when the work performed is equal or equivalent and has a comparable degree of difficulty. In the annual salary surveys, the goal is that the salary gap should not exceed 5% for any gender.
  • Work shall be organised to facilitate a combination of paid work and parenthood, regardless of the employee's gender.
  • We shall work actively for gender equality and to achieve an even gender distribution in leading positions, that is, no gender is to be represented by more than 60 percent.
  • We shall work actively for diversity in leadership positions and set relevant goals to follow up development.

In addition to this, all units, departments and groups must create their own measurable goals and continuously follow-up on them.

6. Roles and responsibilities

A prerequisite for effective work with diversity, equity and inclusion is clear responsibility and decision-making functions. Responsibility is distributed as follows:

6.1 The Board of Directors of Humana AB

Humana's board is responsible for ensuring that the Group has appropriate work in place for diversity, equity and inclusion, including the required policies and governing documents. The board shall at least at one meeting per year deal with compliance with the policy; review this policy and suggest any changes.

6.2 Group CEO

Humana's Group CEO is responsible for ensuring that there is a policy for diversity, equity and inclusion that is adapted to the Group's operations and that establishes Humana's goals and direction for the Group's work on these issues. The CEO is also responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient resources and knowledge in the Group to be able to carry out effective work with these issues. The CEO informs the board about the policy and reports on follow-up and results at least annually.

6.3 Country managers

Humana's country managers are responsible for the implementation of the policy in their respective countries, including ensuring that material data for the countries to be included in the consolidated sustainability statements can be collected and reported.

6.4 HR

HR is responsible for increased knowledge and awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion by offering training and information to managers and employees and ensuring that good examples are spread.

6.5 Managers of individual operations

Managers of individual operations shall ensure that their employees are aware of and work according to the principles and goals in this policy. In addition,the manager shall also ensure that the employees have access to specific instructions, routines and other forms of practical guidance and training that they need as support in their daily work in this regard.

6.6 Employees in the Group

Behaviors and actions in everyday work are at the core of this work and at least as important as major changes. Humana's employees are responsible for following this policy and actively working to contribute to Humana creating diversity, equity and inclusion. All employees shall also follow Humana's Code of Conduct, which is part of everyone's employment contract. All employees shall undergo the company's basic digital values ​​training and are also encouraged to stay up-to-date and seek the knowledge they need in order to contribute to the Group's goals for diversity, equity and inclusion.

7. Continuous improvements and possible deviations

All employees are encouraged to highlight good ideas and suggestions for improvements and to draw attention to possible shortcomings and deviations in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. All employees are responsible for reporting discrimination, victimisation or other forms of exclusion occurring or suspected to occur. This can be done to the immediate manager or in channels intended for deviation reporting, including the whistleblower channel, which is available via the company's public website in each language.

8. Follow-up and evaluation

The Group CEO is ultimately responsible for following up on this policy and that the outcome is reported to the board at least annually. The HR Director is responsible for the policy being reviewed at least annually, and updated if necessary.

9. Other relevant governing documents and instructions

Each country within the Humana Group is responsible for ensuring that there are relevant governing documents and instructions that regulate the work with diversity, equity and inclusion within the country's organisation.

The policy was approved by the Board of Directors of Humana AB on 16 May 2024.

Translated from Swedish. In case of any discrepancies between the Swedish text and the English translation, the Swedish text shall prevail.