Quality policy

Humana's employees work according to the vision "Everyone has the right to a good life". To achieve this vision, Humana must be a reliable, safe and stable care company with high quality and security in everything we do.


Humana has therefore defined four target areas for the Group, which result in goals, targets and activities. These goal areas are:

  1. High quality operations
  2. Attractive employer
  3. Long-term and sustainable growth
  4. Responsible stakeholder in society

Based on the target areas and with the client/customer in focus, we provide a number of services to be able to offer the right service to the right individual, at the right time with assured quality.

Humana will conduct a qualitative business and contribute to a new, and higher, standard in the segments Humana operates in.

To ensure quality in everything we do, this means that we at Humana:

  • Have a management team that is active in quality work to ensure the support and commitment of staff at all levels and areas of the company.
  • Have a complete management system that includes internal monitoring and development of quality and safety in operations.
  • Works to integrate risk management into the business in order to identify and focus on what is critical to the safety and integrity of our clients/customers.
  • Actively analyzes and follows up on deviations to improve and develop operations.
  • Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the quality system through management review, self-monitoring and target management against set quality objectives.
  • Drive our improvement work long-term and systematically and are open in our work with customers to be able to offer the best individually adapted solution.
  • Has an ongoing work on core values to strengthen Humana's common corporate culture.
  • Invests in continuous skills development based on the needs of both the individual employee and the business.
  • Continuously monitors the views of our customers and clients.
  • Ensure that decisions made at group level are based on the best interests of the business, where the process is well anchored in the relevant stages of our operations.


  • There is a group-wide and industry-leading quality management system within Humana
  • High levels of customer/client satisfaction surveys that are followed up annually.
  • The proportion of employees who have completed training in Humana Academy is followed up annually
  • Continuously measures the quality of the initiatives carried out for Humana's clients

Core values

Humana's core values safeguard the equal value of all people and must permeate everything we do. Together, we have chiseled out the words Commitment, Joy and Responsibility as our values and it is how we live by them that is important.


The ultimate responsibility for Humana's quality work lies with the company's management. Work to ensure quality in Humana's operations is carried out by all employees, under the leadership of the respective business manager. They are supported and assisted by Humana's quality organization, which is led by the Quality Director.

Violations of this policy should be reported to Humana's Quality Director or to the whistleblower function, which can be accessed through www.humana.se, which gives employees the opportunity to anonymously report serious misconduct.